About Us

Hey All!

Bahar here. I'm the owner of this vibey little boutique. I wanted to give ya'll a little tid bit on why I started this thing. Here's how it all started. Back in 2014 I came home after a very disappointing trip to the mall where I was ready to drop some CASSSSHHH MONEEEYY HONNNEEEY. My credit card was ready to be used and abused. Unfortunately, none of the stores had anything that was really my jam or had me saying, "Damn, I feel sexy in this!". So I said fuck it and asked myself, "Bahar. Why don't you just start your own boutique where you could sell some dope, affordable, easy to go from day to night, comfortable, bad ass shit? Buy what you'd wear yourself and hopefully you'll have a few peeps that dig your style and buy the stuff too."

So... I did.

Black is my jam. Sometimes I sprinkle in some prints or color into the mix bc like... ya know... a girl gets a wild hair up her ass from time to time. 

The whole vibe is to just not give a fuck about what people think of you. Wear whatever you wanna wear. Wear whatever makes you feel confident. Wear whatever makes you feel like "YASSS BITCH I LOOK BANGIN'!"

There's always going to be someone, somewhere, talking shit. You can't please everyone. But who wants to anyway? That shit's exhausting. It's YOUR life for a reason. So do what makes YOU happy. Wear what makes YOU feel sexy/confident. Own you. Be you. Do you, baby.